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1) Flyer project - Introduction

You warmed up as a proponent or opponenet of a plastic bag factory. But what does this have to do with the periodic table?

Your full project is to advocate for or against a new factory that uses one of the elements to manufacture a product.

So instead of answering the question "should we build a plastic bag factory?" you will answer the question:

should we build an [element] [product] factory?


For example:

should we build a vibranium medicine factory?


You make a flyer that answers the same four questions:

  • Why make this product out of this element?
  • What is special about this product or this element?
  • What are the environmental effects of making this product? (pollution, health, etc.)
  • What are the ecnomic effects of making this product? (saving money, giving people jobs, etc.)


Click below to read an example flyer: Vote NO on the vibranium medicine factory!

Vote NO on the vibranium medicine factory!




If you understand this introduction, please proceed to Step 2) Pick your element & factory