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Student-Led Discussions

You will be the teacher for this project! You will pick a topic you want the class to discuss, and you will lead that discussion.

2) Prepare your reading

a) Click here to copy the reading template

b) Rename it “[Your Name]’s PREP Discussion Reading” 

c) Share it with Abbott (

d) Find an article / song lyrics / short story about your topic

Articles/stories must be 500 words or more AND 2 pages or less

Lyrics must be 400 words or more AND 2 pages or less

To count words, copy and paste the text into this doc, highlight it, then click the “Tools” menu then “Word Count”

The following steps are into your google doc

e) Copy and paste (ctrl + v) the LINK to your article/interview/lyrics/short story

f) Write the TITLE

g) Write the AUTHOR and DATE  (if there’s no date, then just skip that part)

h) Copy and paste (ctrl + v) the TEXT of the article/interview/lyrics/short story

i) Go on to the next step