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4) Flyer project - Cite your sources

Captain Phillips GIF

The line "I'm the captain now" was improvised on the set of the movie Captain Phillips by actor Barkhad Abdi. He won a BAFTA award and was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the movie.

Barkhad Abdi went to Roosevelt!

Barkhad Abdi at the Oscars

How do we know he went to Roosevelt? Where is our evidence?

I found an article in the Star Tribune about Barkad Abdi, and it mentioned that he went to Roosevelt High School. You can read the article here if you want:

Star Tribune logo

what does Barkhad Abdi have to do with this project?

Great question!

I just told you a fact, and then I told you where I got that fact.


Fact: Barkhad Abdi went to Roosevelt

Where I got that fact: a Star Tribune article


Your Perioidic Proponent flyer project is going to contain a lot of facts. How are you going to tell the reader where each of those facts comes from? Just putting a SOURCES list at the bottom is not good enough. You are going to use footnoes!


Huh? What are footnotes?

Footnotes are little notes at the bottom of a document (or the "foot" of a document) that tell the reader where specific pieces of information came from. Footnotes do this unobrtrusively by putting little superscript numbers after the fact, and then putting that same number at the bottom of the page. Like this:

Barkhad Abdi footnote

Easy enough, right?

However, many documents contain more than one fact, statistic, or quote. For example, essays often contain information from many different sources. You need to use more than one footnote to cite all the sources you used. Like this:

footnote citations

You will need to do the same thing with your flyer. This is why you recorded which websites you got your information from as you were taking notes:  

notes outline


Take notes on what will become your footnotes:

notes outline



On your final draft, you will need to include footnotes. Remember to come back to this page for reminders.


When you are ready, please proceed to Step 5) Draft your thesis