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7) Flyer project - Brainstorm a title, organization, etc.

title etc.


What do all these blank spots mean?


Handout title

Do you want people to vote yes on the factory? Do you want people to vote no on the factory?



You (and your partner, if you have one) are the authors of this flyer.



The date you finished the flyer. Month and year are fine (example: February 2018).


Organization name

Make up an organization that you represent. Come up with a name the fits what you believe.


Organization logo

Make up a logo for the organization that you represent. The logo can be simple, and can include your organizations acronym, if you wish.


Picture of your element

This can be a picture of your element in its raw form, your element in its product form, and/or what your element looks like on the periodic table.


Draft all of these out on your notebook


For example:

title etc. example



When you are ready, please proceed to Step 8) Make your final draft