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8) Flyer Project - Make a final version

Before you begin working on your final draft of your flyer, check in with your teacher and show them all of your notes, including:

1) Your notes answering the 5 questions

  • Why make this product out of this element?
  • What is special about this product or this element?
  • What are common ions and isotopes of this element?
  • What are the environmental effects of making this product? (pollution, health, etc.)
  • What are the ecnomic effects of making this product? (saving money, giving people jobs, etc.

2) Your source list (for your footnotes)

3) Your thesis draft

4) Your layout draft

5) Your title, organization, etc. draft



Before you make your final version, check over the grading rubric. This is what your teacher will use to grade your project:




If your teacher gices you any feedback, make additions or corrections as necessary. Once your teacher gives you the go-ahead, start writing up your final draft by hand. Please include color and additional pictures so that people will want to look at it!


See below for an example:

Vote NO on the vibranium medicine factory!