Welcome to Roosevelt Badminton!

My name is Rodney Lossow and I am the Head Badminton Coach at Roosevelt High School.  I have been the Head Badminton Coach since the Spring of 2008. I have coached in the district since 1991 in a variety of sports (Badminton-previously at North, Football--Roosevelt, Softball--North and Roosevelt, Gymnastics--North, South and Roosevelt). Badminton is a sport of intelligence, agility, good hand eye coordination and hard work.  My main goal is to help develop athletes of strong character.  Once that work is under progress, great things will happen.

Points of Character that we Stress:

  • To Love one Another
  • To Accept Responsibility
  • To Reject Passivity
  • To Lead Courageously
  • To Remain Humble

If you have questions about Badminton, Conatct

2014 Badminton Team
Coach Lossow at 612.387.7963 or Rodney.Lossow@mpls.k12.mn.us

The 2014 season begins the beginning of March.  To see the roster, schedule and scores click on this link:  Roosevelt Badminton Roster, Schedule and Scores

To Access the Athletic Eligibility Brochure (and Health Questionnaire), Media Release Form, Emergency Card and Physical Exam, click on this link:  Athletic Forms 

For a Practice/Match Calendar, see below.