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English/Language Arts 10

English 10

Mollie Haspert Olson



This course will use texts such as art, music, literature, non-fiction, and poetry to respond to the significant concepts across 10th grade English. We will work on critically analyzing and responding thoughtfully to literature using academic lenses. Students will further their understanding in communication through writing, speaking, listening, viewing, responding, and presenting. Shared Inquiry discussions will be a main focus in the work, and critical reading and writing will be developed through various assignments and assessments.


Office Hours

Mondays             3:10-3:45 pm

Or By Appointment


Office hours for English 10 will be held in room 221.


General Expectations

Be Prepared                       Come to class ready to learn—well rested, homework completed, and carrying your materials.  Participation points will be deducted for being unprepared.

Be Kind                                 Be kind to each other and the classroom.  Everyone in this class is unique and special—treat each other with the kindness we deserve.

Show Respect                    Show respect for your classmates and your teachers.  Obviously this means not talking back, swearing, disrupting class, or littering.  Respect also means that we listen when others are talking and say or do nothing that offends, hurts, or damages another person or their belongings.  And respect and believe in yourself.


Materials            Students are expected to bring the following materials every day:

Your RHS Daily Planner (you’ll receive 4 passes per quarter-no exceptions), writing utensils, textbooks, independent reading book, a notebook.  AVID students: You  MUST have your AVID Binders  with you at all times.


Texts Used (subject to change)

                Various short stories, plays, speeches, etc.

                Macbeth by William Shakespeare

                The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

                Night by Elie Weisel

                Anthem by Ayn Rand

                The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger



                                Participation and proficiency are the two areas of grading. Participation will be 10% of your overall grade. Proficiency will be 90% of your overall grade, with 30% devoted each to reading, writing, and speaking standards. The common scale is listed below.


100- 94 = A                                          79.9-78 = C+                                       59.9 and Below = F

93.9-90 = A-                                        77.9-72 = C

                                                                71.9-70 = C-                                                                                       


89.9-88 = B+                                       69.9-68 = D+

87.9-82 = B                                          67.9-62 = D

81.9-80 = B-                                        61.9-60 = D-                                       




  • Participation is an expectation in collaborative learning environments.  This includes appropriate accountable talk and using an active voice.  Your involvement with class activities and the literature will be necessary to your success in this course.




  • All students are expected to be on time.  That means students are in their seats when the bell rings.  School tardy policy will be enforced.




  • Assignments will be neat and complete.  Incomplete and/or sloppy assignments will be returned to the author to redo.  Late assignments are accepted at a 30% loss at the acceptance date, and subject to teacher’s approval.


  • School policy for excused absences will be followed in regard to late work. Late work will not be accepted for unexcused absences.










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