Links to Useful Sites

Classroom "Chemistry notes. etc" will be posted as often as possible or necessary.

Classroom "Physics notes, etc" will be posted as often as possible or necessary.  

Vee (Independent Experiment) explained....many short movies to explain the 9 fields in the Vee

C-map  (movies to explain how to install and use it)

Interactive Physics Tutorials .... show you how to use the software.

English to Spanish translator ....will translate sentences for you.

Wave tank simulator ...also called a Ripple tank

Question of the Week  This site has many fun "Physics Questions of the Week".....with answers

How to make a Flip book ...

Eureka Animations-Simple and Fun

Trebuchet Game is a simulator to change variables that affect the performance of the Trebuchet

The Size of Things.... From the smallest to the largest

Metal Reactivity ...Explore the difference in metals

Virtual Piano has a piano keyboard

Visual pendulum shows many pendulums swinging in hypnotic patterns.

What is your Reaction Time? 

Physics Central   This site has many links for Physics students.

Earth's Changing Magnetic Field  This article explains when, why, and how the Earth's Poles move.

Lightning  Shory videos on Lightning
 History of Physics   History of many important Physics topics and people.
 NTNU Virtual Physics Lab   Many Interactive applets to learn about Physics
 Physics Flashets   Short, interesting, interactive Physics activities.
 Astronomy Animations   Learn about ...beyond the Earth..."Space"
 Deadly Pennies???   Could pennies falling off the Empire State Building kill you? (video)
 Einstein   Einstein's Miracle Year 1905 (video)
 Satellites around the Earth   Real-time tracker for some 900 Earth satellites
 Physics 2000   "20th Century Technology" explained
 How Stuff Works   Videos and explanations about how stuff works
 Physics Classroom Tutorial   Online High School Physics Course
 PhET   Physics Simlulations
 PHYSICS TEXTBOOK   ...has your textbook and many support materials. Physics students should use this site daily.
 Periodic Table of Videos   Short videos of each Element on the Periodic Table
 Focus Question...   ..explains how to create a Focus Question for a Vee
 Cars of the Future  
 Hydrogen   ....(4 minute mov.) explains how Hydrogen is the fuel of the future.
 Strontium CLOCK...   This article identifies the NEW standard for measuring time.
 Khan Academy Video lessons   Learn Math and Physics. Chart your progress.
 PHYSICAL SCIENCE TEXTBOOK   ...has your textbook and many support materials. Physical Science students should use this site daily.
 Interactive Physics download demo   At this site you can get a functioning copy of Interactive Physics to use at home, but only for 1 week.

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