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class 0f 2010
Student Council Class of 2010 - We're the Class That's Oh, So

Thank you for sharing your child with me!

I have been an English teacher at Roosevelt for 14 years. In that time I have taught every grade and every time period of English literature.

Before coming to Roosevelt I had a career in business but teaching was always my 'dream job'. There are many reasons that I enjoy teaching at Roosevelt:

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Student Council Seniors - We're the Class of '008, We're the Class That's Oh, So Great
my days are always full of (usually delightful) surprises; my students are bright, inquisitive and fun to have in class; I have the opportunity to teach a high quality curriculum; and I get to watch my students change from ninth graders to confident high school graduates. Many of my former students keep me up to date on their lives and I am so proud of their successes.

I would love to decorate this

class 0f 2009
Student Council Juniors - We're the Class of '009- We're the Class That's Oh, So Fine
page with pictures of my students - if you haven't signed a media release form please turn one in so I can get photos of your child doing something great on my page (no names will be used)! 

If you ever wish to communicate with me regarding your student, please email me at Fayette.Shore@mpls.k12.mn.us. 

10 Year Advisor Award - Minnesota Association of Student Councils (Ms. Shore is 2nd from left)
I check my email frequently and find it to be a convenient and confidential way to resolve  student issues. If you would like to speak on the phone or set up an appointment to meet with me, please leave me an email and I will get back to you between classes or after school. 

The Ellesmere Manuscript
The most authoritative Chaucer manuscript in existence. Check it out!
Minnesota Basic Standards Test - Writing 11-12
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