2014 Varsity & Jr. Varsity Softball Schedules

This year Roosevelt has a great team to support. Rather it is to experience the courage of our first year players, or to see the veterans who are going to make outstanding plays; this is the year! The rookie players will be coming up against some players who will throw rocket pitches or hit ballistic line drives. Our players have been practicing and are ready for this challenge. Earlier this spring the Newspaper Villager had this to say about some of our key players and their strengths:

  • Kirsten Kamrath, junior shortstop. An all-city player who excels at numerous positions. Batted .471 last year.
  • Emma Quenemoen, sophomore outfielder. Has a cannon arm and a good pop in her bat.
  • Tianna Hernandez, sophomore catcher. Keeps opposing runners honest from behind the plate.
  • Katie Jones, sophomore infielder. A varsity player since 8th grade who has a good glove, hits well and keeps the team loose.

    Reporter Johnson continues to describe our team’s strengths and weaknesses: “Roosevelt has a good mix of young talent and its overall numbers are up this year. Still there are no seniors on this year’s team.” The Reporter then describes the outlook for the Teddies as “moving in the right direction”. One of our goals this year is to have enough players to fill out a junior varsity roster. So either join our team or come and watch. You won’t be disappointed.


Varsity Coach: Troy Quenemoen (

Pitching coach: Tim

JV coaches: Mary and Frank