Spanish Literacy
Course description (Spanish Literacy):

This course is designed for students who struggle with native language literacy (Spanish).  Emphasis will be placed on reading comprehension & vocabulary development.  The readings will come from a variety of sources such as magazines, newspapers, short stories, etc.  There will also be a focus on writing.  This will include grammar as well as organizational skills.  Students will be writing expository & creative pieces throughout the year.

Grading Policy:

1. Participation & Attendance:

  Students are expected to attend class, be on time, & participate.  These aspects will be part of the overall grade.  Participation is an EXTREMELY important part of the grade.  You must be in class to learn & participate.  It is the student's responsibility to excuse their absence.  Each day you can earn up to 5 points for particiaption.  This includes bringing your materials to class & cooperating in the different activities. 

2. Assignments & Projects:

Assignments & projects are also part of your grade.  You are expected to get your work in on time.  Cheating will receive a zero.  Late assignments do not receive credit.  If a student has an excused absence, it is their responsibility to check the make-up homework folder or talk to the teacher as soon as they return to class.

3. Tests & quizzes:

Tests & quizzes also contribute to your grade.  Unexcused absences may not make up this work.  Excused absences need to talk to the teacher as soon as they return to class.

4. Make-up work:

If you are absent, it is YOUR job to look in the make-up homework folder for your work.  Read the "make-up homework" policy on the board.

5. Classroom rules:

*Come to class prepared everyday

*Respect classroom materials

*Respect each other

*Be on time

*Do your own work