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Varsity 2015

Thank you for taking the time to check out Roosevelt Volleyball. My name is Silvia Zavaleta-Ihme. I have coached volleyball at Field Middle School, Pearl Park, and Anderson United Community School. In addition to volleyball I enjoy swimming, tennis, rollerblading, canoeing, and just about any sport that involves being outside.

I hope to give confidence and strength to all players so they may reach their highest potential. Life brings many challenges and it is how we deal with these challenges that gradually molds us into the person we become. Being positive and encouraging only creates opportunity for those giving it

and receiving it. Hard work, dedication, commitment, and the ability to work with others can also be the key to opening doors of opportunity.

I welcome all levels of players to join. You bring your ambition and I will get you playing the game. Challenge yourself and try something new. "Fear of failure is the biggest obstacle to success"--fortune cookie

Preseason--- Volleyball clinic on Fridays in June and July to be held in the main gym (enter on the 30th Ave S & E 41st - next to football field).

Season- Season begins mid-August thru mid October. Practices

are 3:20-5:30pm Monday- Friday along with a few all day Saturday Volleyball Tournaments. The volleyball fee is $60. If the only reason you are not playing volleyball is due to the fee, let's talk.

Post Season- Stay in shape by joining a summer volleyball league or playing any other sport.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Silvia Zavaleta-Ihme