Roosevelt Sports Calendar of Events


Roosevelt is proud of its athletic offerings. Please visit the links on the left for more information on our sports teams.  

For dates, times and locations of Roosevelt's various athletic events, visit the Minneapolis City Conference website for today's schedule, or view Roosevelt's full athletics schedule page.
For questions about athletics, please contact Roosevelt Athletic Interim Director Dennis Stockmo at (612) 668-4859 or
Activity Contacts/Head Coaches


Adapted Soccer
Michael Wright
(612) 272-1852
Adapted Softball
Michael Wright
(612) 272-1852
Alpine Skiing
Badminton, Girls
Rodney Lossow
(612) 668-4869
Dan Gynild
Basketball, Boys
Rob Mestas   

Basketball, Girls
Michael Wright
(612) 272-1852
La’Kisha Hollmon-Griffin
(612) 590-2016  
For information regarding baseball,
lacrosse, or adapted floor hockey,
contact Dennis Stockmo.
(See contact information above.)
Cross Country Running, Boys
Dave Sharp
(612) 729-8969
Cross Country Running, Girls
Dave Sharp
(612) 729-8969
Junior Eugene
Golf, Boys and Girls
Thom Skelly
Gymnastics, Girls
Gabrielle Stickney
(612) 201-6595

Hockey, Boys
Joe Dziedzic
(612) 812-0442

Hockey, Girls
Sarma Ozman
(612) 298-0965
Soccer, Boys
Ralph Akale

Soccer, Girls
Dr. Joe Rosenfield
(612) 270-1084
Softball, Girls
Troy Quenemoen
Jeff Sanders

Tennis, Boys and Girls
Jose Williamson
(612) 282-7685

Track & Field, Boys and Girls
Dave Sharp
(612) 729-8969
Volleyball, Girls
Silvia Zavaleta-Ihme
William Moore