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Law Research Essay

What needs to change in Minneapolis? What new laws does Minnesota need? What problems in our communities need to change? What infrastructure do we need to add?

(infrastructure is something you build or install, like a light rail in North Minneapolis)

Please write your essay in Google Docs, and share them with me (

I will be commenting on your essays as you go.


4) Expand your body paragraphs with TEXAS

TEXAS is how we write our body paragraphs. TEXAS stands for:

T - Topic sentence

E - Explaination

X - eXample

A - Analysis

S - Summary

You have already started your body paragraphs. You should have your Topic sentences, blank spaces for your Explain sentences, and quotes where your eXample senteces will be.

a) Topic sentence

i) You already wrote your Topic sentences in Step 1-i

ii) CAREFUL! The ONLY JOB of a Topic Sentence is to introduce the topic

iii) Your topic sentences should match your points of support

iv) Use "First off," "Secondly," and "Lastly," to begin your three Topic Sentences

v) See an example here

b) Explain

i) You left blank spaces for you Explain sentences in Step 2-b

ii) Now it's time to write senteces in those blank spaces.

iii) Tell the reader more about your topic. Get them ready for the information from the article you quoted.

iv) Your explanation should make sense, and connect your Topic Sentence to your Quote

v) See an example here

c) eXample

i) Your eXample sentence comes from the quote you found from your web source

ii) Read these directions on how to turn article quotes into eXample sentences

iii) See an example here

d) Analysis

i) Analyze why the evidence from the eXample matters. Why is your source relevant to your essay? You could also give your opinion about the eXample.

ii) See an example here

e) Summary

i) Summarize how what you said in the paragraph supports the main claim of your thesis.

ii) See an example here

f) Move on to the next step

Click here for a complete guide to TEXAS