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Celia with Amina Sharif - practicing taking Patient History in HealthCare Core Class

In the mentorship program, I was paired up with someone in the surgical field. On my first day at Fairview I got to observe a knee operation, where they gave an elderly man a brand new knee. The experience was totally new and I was afraid of how I would react. But the surgeon and his assistants were very friendly and assured me that he was going to be ok.

By the time they were closing his knee I was a little more comfortable with the blood and pieces of bone that were removed. At one point, towards the end, my mentor told me I could take my mask off. Everyone else in the room did, so I did too. I hadn't realized the awful smell, which made me feel a little sick, but I tried to be respectful and played it off.

When the surgery was done, my mentor took the patient to the recovery room. There nurses rushed to stabilize him. The patient woke up right away and the nurses told him that the surgery had gone well and that he would be walking on his new knee by tomorrow, that really surprised me.

After that my mentor gave me a quick tour of the department and explained the other surgeries I would be observing. He talked about shoulder replacements, ankle and hip procedures. I’m really excited to go back every Thursday and of course thankful that there are programs like this, where students can explore these amazing fields in health care.