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Signing Up for a College Visit in Naviance

College admissions representatives visit Roosevelt so they can meet with students in small groups and help you to decide if their college is a good fit for you. The instructions below walk you through how to sign up to see a college rep through Naviance. If you follow the steps from beginning to end, you should have no trouble meeting with the reps from the schools you are interested in throughout your 9-12th grade years.

  1. Log into your Naviance Account
    1. Click HERE to sign into your Naviance Account
    2. Enter your user-name (computer login) and password (6-digit student ID#)
      1. If you can’t get in, e-mail to get access.
  2. Click on the Colleges Tab located on the top of the page.
  3. Click on “View All Upcoming College Visits” located at the top right of the page.
  4. Click on “Sign Up”
  5. Then Click “Sign Me Up” and YOU’RE DONE!

Once you have added yourself to the list, you need to come get a pass from Ms. Tiffany or Ms. Amanda in the CCC or your counselor. This pass must also be signed by your teacher.


FAQs about Rep Visits

Do I need to register in Naviance in order to attend a visit?

  • Yes, please. It is a quick and simple process (see How to Register for Rep Visits doc for detailed instructions). Registrations give us an idea of how many students we can expect to see, and we use this information for scheduling purposes.
  • If you are unable to register on Naviance, you may still attend by getting a pass from Ms. Tiffany.

Why should I meet with reps who come to Roosevelt?

  • They can offer a wealth of information about their schools and answer questions you have about attending their school and how to pay for it.
  • Meeting with visiting reps also shows your interest in a particular school, which could look good for you when they are reviewing applications. This is called demonstrated interest in the college admissions world.
  • It’s cheaper to visit with a representative at Roosevelt than to visit a campus (especially for colleges in other states!).  Start by asking your questions and getting a feel for the college through a conversation with a visiting rep.  If you’re still interested in the school, consider scheduling your own campus visit.

How do I know who's visiting?

  • All visits are listed in your Naviance account. Select ‘colleges’ and ‘view upcoming visits’. (Note: this is also where you will register for visits!) This list is most up-to-date.
  • In print on the bulletin board outside the CCC.
  • In the Monday Newsletter, the CCC Happenings, emailed out to all students (lists any visits for that week and the following week)

What happens during the visits?

  • After brief introductions by students and the representative, the college rep typically spends the first part of the visit describing the school and programs offered. S/he may tailor the description by asking students questions about their interests prior to launching into their description.  Visits often end with time for questions from students about the school, programs, admissions process, financial aid options, etc.
  • Students will find visits most helpful if they come prepared with questions about their specific interests.  Questions should go beyond the basic information that students could find on their own (for instance, “How big is your school?” can be answered by looking at the school’s website). 


Parents:  please note that these visits are reserved for students only.  Please connect with the representative about meeting him or her outside of the school day, or check the CCC Happenings for local college events.