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Desiree Richardson's Interview

Desiree Richardson is in the 11th grade at Roosevelt High School, and currently is a student enrolled in the Health Careers Program at Roosevelt High School.  Desiree was willing to have an interview with one of the Health Career staff members (Chase Polejewski).

Chase: "What are your plans after you graduate?"

Desiree: "Memphis University, the 4 year program."

Chase: "What are you looking at going into any Health Career Professions, and why?

Desiree: "Yes, nursing, so I can help others!  I want to work in a hospital so I can move around and work in different areas."

Chase: "What do you like most about Roosevelt High School?"

Desiree: "Sports, teachers, and dancing."

Chase: "What do you like best about the Health Career Program?"

Desiree: "Mr. O'Connor and the Field Trips."

Chase:  "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Desiree: "Working in a hospital as a nurse."

Chase:  "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

Desiree: "The same, working as a nurse in a hospital, so I can help take care of people."

Chase: "What has helped you in achieving the grades you want?"

Desiree: "Teachers, my mom, and sports, because they help to keep me focused."

Chase: "What has kept you from getting the grades you wanted?"

Desiree: "Some teachers not completely explaining the assignment that is due."

Chase: "What advice do you have for incoming students that are going into the Health Careers Program?"

Desiree: "Work hard, do as many things as you can in high school, create possibilities, and don't be too serious but stay on top of your school work."