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Email to Teachers Template

Copy and paste the below text into a word processor (like Microsoft Word).

(to copy, highlight text and then hit ctrl + c)

(to paste, click where you want text and hit ctrl +v)

Replace all the highlighted bold parts with things that are true about you.


Hey _______________,

This is Delroy from your ____________________. I went to Sanford last year. My old school was ok, because I knew all my teachers, but it was annoying to have little kids at the school. So far, I think Roosevelt is exciting because I am excited to finally be a high school student :)

I want to learn _________________________ and I want to _________________ in _______ this year. I would describe myself as the kind of student who teachers don’t like even though they don’t even know the real me. I feel like I learn best when you give me a lot of examples and show me how they work. I like ________________________________________________ _________________________________________.

Something you don’t know about me is I want to be in a band. I’m learning to play guitar this year. I can already do spoken word. I also play Call of Duty in my free time, and like playing basketball with my friends.






If you are not sure what to do next:

1) look at the instructions sheet

2) ask 3 of your classmates

3) ask Mr. Abbott