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Law Research Essay

What needs to change in Minneapolis? What new laws does Minnesota need? What problems in our communities need to change? What infrastructure do we need to add?

(infrastructure is something you build or install, like a light rail in North Minneapolis)

Please write your essay in Google Docs, and share them with me (

I will be commenting on your essays as you go.


5) Expand your thesis into a full introduction paragraph

a) Right now your introduction paragraph is just one sentence, your thesis:

Minneapolis should _________________ because _______________, because _______________, and because _______________.


Minnesota should _________________ because _______________, because _______________, and because _______________.

b) Add a Hook BEFORE your Thesis

i) A hook can be a statistic / fact

ii) A hook can be a quote

iii) A hook can be a question

iv) A hook can be an anecdote

c) Connect your Hook to your Thesis

i) Connection sentences go between your Hook and your Thesis

d) Move on to the next step