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Where is the PREP room?

Room 109. Come in the front doors, take a left, and we're the third door on your left.


What is PREP?

The PREP class will empower 9th graders with high potential to develop their scholar identity by building academic confidence and success, engagement in learning, and community in order to pursue their career and college goals.


What will we do in PREP?


The PREP class focuses on five areas of learning:


Academic Identity

· Students will become aware of how they learn best and what drives them to experience success.


Academic Strategies

· Students will utilize a variety of achievement strategies to increase academic success.



· Students will learn to effectively communicate ideas through writing.



· Students will learn strategies to increase reading comprehension.


Speaking & Listening

· Students will be able to speak in various classroom contexts and respond or question what others say.



What makes PREP special?


Academic Lab

Twice weekly students will engage in an academic lab facilitated by professional tutors and aided by the classroom teacher. Students will prepare academic questions from their core classes to present and answer with peers. Students will learn to ask questions, engage in new learning, listening for understanding, and apply new learning to their core classes. Students will be expected to prepare an academic question prior to academic lab in order to participate. Additionally, lab time will be devoted to writers, readers, and math workshops in which students will utilize the expertise of tutors to practice, revise and extend their learning in their core classes.


PREP students are lucky to have a counselor dedicated to serving only students in the PREP class. Ms. Pennington will co-teach a weekly lesson designed to increase students’ academic skills, growth mindset and persistence in pursuing academic goals. Ms. Penningtonwill also meet with student individually and in small groups as needed to address specific academic concerns.