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Mr. Felton
Every college visit is sealed with a classic sign photo. Minnesota Music Educators Association regional conference performance. The Roosevelt Concert Choir performing for Dr. Gregory Aune, Director of The Gustavus Choir at Gustavus Adolphus Choir. Young piano student in piano 2 class preparing for his recital. Teddy Jam 2016 Mac Turner was performing for very excited students. The concert choir preparing for the pops concert in the spring of 2016.

Mr. Felton Musical Classes

Classes taught include:  

Piano, Piano 2/Advanced Methods, General Music, Music Production, and  First-Year Band, Concert Choir.

Extra Curriculars include African-American Culture Club, Pep-Band, Track and Field Coaching.

My classroom will be a fun and inviting classroom environment filled with music and accomodations through interaction for all students engaged learning!

Daily Expectations 

1) Be respectful  2) Be focused  3) Have fun

Through this as well as positive engagement, there is nothing we can't* do!

Courses Taught

Piano I- Students go through an intensive course learning scales, notes, rhythms, harmony, chords, and hearing music. Through a variety of opportunities playing collaborative and individually, students get to have bi-weekly quizes on material, and perform small to mid-size recitals for learned material. All students that attend and participate regularly WILL learn how to play piano by the end of the semester. 

Piano II/Advanced Piano- Students will get a deeper understanding of specific practices and performance prep. Students will practice developing their musical ear, improve sight reading skills, and learn different styles of piano music. Students will have several performance and workshop opportunities.

General Music- This is an analytical class that goes throughout the history, development, and analysis of music from 1920s to present day and beyond. Students have the opportunity to perform via Freestyle Friday- a once a month open mic as a class- as well as other performing and song creation projects throughout the year. This music class is general by no means and is constantly adapting depending on the interest level of students. This year we will have an emphasis on performance and social music and its influences throughout the modern culture.

First-Year Band-First Year Band and not "beginning band" is a non-auditioned ensemble for all students desiring to play a band instrument in an ensemble. The band learns theory, scales, musicianship, and the importance of collaboration as an ensemble. Our motto runs every rehearsal and the understanding is imperative to the development of our group! There are many performance opportunities for this ensemble as well. 

Concert Choir- Concert choir is currently a non-auditioned choral ensemble for 9th graders. In the ensemble, we work on vocal health, pedagogy, and development of literacy in music. We spend daily time on warm-ups, reading music, and team building towards the development and identity of our ensemble. 

Mr. Felton

Mr. Felton is a new teacher to Roosevelt High School in 2016 and in the past has taught at Sotogrande International School in Cadiz, Spain. He is a very energetic musical teacher and is a forever learner. In his spare time he enjoys writing his own music, arranging songs for pep-band, or practicing instruments. All students in class are encouraged to be themselves, in forming their own identity through hard work and determination. The one daily request is that students fully participate and give their best everyday; if you aren't giving you're best, Mr. Felton will let you know. Committment and consistency go a long way. 

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