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Corrine Gray


 I am Corrine Gray and this is my 2nd school year at Roosevelt High School. I have been in education for 13 years, but this is my 3rd year as a licensed teacher. At Roosevelt I have the pleasure of working with 9th graders teaching Intermediate Algebra and 9th and 10th grades in Math Strategies (Int. Algebra Support). Additionally I am a special education teacher and caseload manager.

 I received my education first in the areas of Psychology and Sociology from National University in La Jolla, California. It was towards the end of my Master’s Program at Argosy University that I realized my true calling was always going to be within the classroom walls and so I enrolled and received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Walden University.  Now my life is full of students and I love it.

I am originally from Southern, California and moved to the great Tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota almost 8 years when my husband accepted a job here. I figure I have survived this long and so the changes of me being froze out are slim.

I have a wonderful husband name Casey and a service animal named Napoleon (who thinks he is smarter than me). In my time away from school I teach read, teach dance and theater, run marathons, and perform. 

I am known as the teacher who is always “doin the most.” I have come to love that phrase because I think it reflects my high expectations for students. I am a teacher that firmly believes that I am here to not only help develop academic scholars, but good people too.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I am available through my work email and my personal phone is 612-643-0365

CLICK HERE for my  2015-2016 Intermediate Algebra Syllabus