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Roosevelt HS Health Careers Program



"This program is a great launch-pad for students interested in a healthcare career. In 2010, half of the students enrolled in the program graduated with high honors and 94 percent were accepted into a 4 or 2 year college program. Almost 40 percent of that class received partial scholarships and 23 percent receive full tuition scholarships!”Dave Brumbaugh, VP Human Resources, Children's Hospital, Minneapolis.

Program Mission 

We serve students in the Twin Cities area interested in using their high school experience as a bridge to careers in Healthcare. Explore your future in the largest high school Health Careers Program in the metro area.

Program Overview

Did you know there are more Healthcare occupations in the U.S. than the next eight largest employment groups combined? Roosevelt High School’s Health Careers Program prepares students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge to explore different career opportunities within the health industry. Since 1987, the program has assisted and supported Minneapolis students in successfully preparing for post-secondary study or entry-level positions in Healthcare right after graduation.


The Health Careers Program offers options that fit students’ educational plans, including:

  1. Traditional Four Year College Preparatory Option: Dedicated Pathway to College Entrance.
  2. Career and Technical Education Option: Pathway to certified programs such as Certified Nurse Assistant and First Responder. 

Course Objectives
The Health Careers Program is designed to teach core classes with a Healthcare emphasis. Students choose courses based on their interest in different health careers and are encouraged to explore math and science classes to strengthen the fundamental building blocks needed for success in Healthcare-related jobs.

The program’s capstone class, the Health Care Core Curriculum, is referred to as the “college inside the high school” because the senior-level course is provided in partnership with Roosevelt and Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC). The class is worth eight college credits for students who apply for Post-Secondary Enrollment and serves as a guide to help students explore career interests and develop an awareness in the field, including licensing and credentialing, communicating with patients and staff, workplace expectations and diversity, and medical terminology.

For additional college credits, students can take classes focused on becoming a certified nursing assistant or home health aide from MCTC instructors at Roosevelt.

Roosevelt High School has solid partnerships with Healthcare organizations, post-secondary schools and state health-related offices that provide an abundance of opportunities.

Some of the program’s partners include:

  • Achieve Minneapolis
  • Allina Hospitals
  • Augsburg College 
  • Children’s Hospital
  • City of Minneapolis
  • Fairview Hospital
  • Medtronic Foundation 
  • Minneapolis Community and Technical College
  • Minnesota Department of Education
  • Minnesota Department of Health
  • North Memorial Hospital
  • St. Catherine University
  • Veterans Hospital Minneapolis
  • University of Minnesota

 What Will You Do After Graduation? 
The Health Careers Program offers much more than can be obtained through traditional learning in the classroom. The program brings the knowledge gained in the classroom into the real world through hands-on experiences that shape the overall educational journey. The program offers: 

  • Job Shadowing: Roosevelt’s connections to the Minneapolis Healthcare community provide the opportunity for students to learn more about careers that interest them and formulate mentors along the way. 
  • Internships: Teachers work with students to find the right opportunity to meet learning needs and provide real working practice in the field. Some students enjoy paid internships with hospitals and medical institutions during the summer.
  • Community Service: Volunteering in the field is a big part of the Health Careers Program. Student volunteers can be found throughout hospitals, clinics and other health orientated facilities making a difference in the lives of staff, patients and their families.
  • College and Hospital Visits: Our enthusiastic partners open their doors and welcome students on guided tours and visits that allow students to explore educational and career paths. 
  • College-Level Offerings and PSEO: Many of the Healthcare classes and accelerated math and science courses required for the degree can be applied towards college-level credits.




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