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Mr Juan Manuel Lopez


I was born in Santa Monica CA but raised in Mexico wich allowed me to acquire Spanish as my native language. My carrer started on TV ,hosting a morning show for a local network back in Aguascalientes Mexico , my hometown. Suddenly I was involved in a situation that forzed me to speak English , and I was very confident with it at that time , but once speaking with a native I thought I knew nothing,then I started polishing my English, and enjoyed it so much to the point that I decided I wanted to be a language expert. My BA is communications so I already had some developed skills , the next step was deciding how to channel or the use of the languages, so there was when I rembered my childhood , I would play the teacher with my siblings , giving them directions , writting on a small board that I got for Christmas , grading , and my favorite , stamping their notes. I discovered then that I was meant to be a teacher and studied a masters to teach either languages ,I began with English in Mexico. After a few years of teaching English , and my new adult needs for independence I wanted to live and teach abroad, to give my birth country a chance , this time Spanish would be the language, and here I am.