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0) Warm Up project

Complete this warm up first to better understand how to do the rest of the project

1) Flyer project - Introduction

An introduction to the scope of the Periodic Proponents project

2) Flyer project - Pick your element & factory

What kind of factory should or should not be there?

3) Flyer project - Do your research!

Find articles and websites to give you information

4) Flyer project - Cite your sources

Create a section that tells readers where you got your information

5) Flyer project - Draft your thesis

Are you for the factory or against the factory?

6) Flyer project - Draft your sections

Make sure your flyer answers the 4 questions, and lists ions & isotopes

7) Flyer project - Brainstorm a title, organization, etc.

What is the title of your flyer? What is the name of your organization? What is your logo?

8) Flyer Project - Make a final version

You must have all your notes and drafts complete before you start work on your final flyer