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Senior Year Planning



·        Make an appointment to see your counselor to discuss post secondary planning

·        Register for ACT for October, November or December.

·        Get off to a good start academically. Colleges will be looking very closely at your senior year grades.

·        Research your choices of schools to which you wish to apply in the CCC using NAVIANCE

·        Get your applications in order by creating a file for your target schools, listing application requirements and deadlines for each.

·        Check out the “Common Application” at

·        Arrange for letters of recommendation--give recommendation request, any forms, and stamped addressed envelopes to teachers 3 weeks prior to deadline

·        If counselor needs to complete a written recommendation letter, please give this to your counselor 3 weeks prior to your deadline.

·        Check with the CCC for college information visits.

·        Set up college visits, MEA week is a good time to schedule these.

·        Minnesota National College Fair: Minneapolis Convention Center Wednesday,September 30: 9a.m.-12:30a.m., 6p.m.-8p.m. Students are encouraged to attend the evening session with their parents and October 1, 9a.m.-12:30p.m..


·        Minnesota National College Fair
Minneapolis Convention Center
Thursday, October 1, 2009
9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

·        Meet with counselor as needed.

·        College Visits (especially MEA week)

·        Check with the CCC for college information visits.

·        Take ACT October 24th  if you haven’t yet.

·        Work on essays and personal statements, if needed

·        Submit completed applications to counseling office as needed See information regarding teacher and counselor recommendations above

·        Begin researching scholarships on NAVIANCE.



·        College visits (November 26-no school)

·        Check with the CCC for college information visits.

·        Meet with counselor, if needed

·        Register for ACT (Dec. 12)

·        Continue to submit applications as completed--most applications completed by the end of the month

·        See information regarding written teacher and counselor recommendations above

·        Continue investigating scholarship opportunities on Naviance

·        Send “thank you” notes to those who wrote recommendations for you.


·        Check with the CCC for college information visits.

·        Meet with counselor, as needed

·        ACT December 12,2009

·        Start gathering materials for financial records for the FAFSA, which is available online January 1st.

·        Finalize all applications and know your deadlines.

·        Apply for the Wallin Scholarship if you qualify.


·        Look for Financial Aid Planning Program for parents through the counseling office

·        Late application DEADLINES!

·        Meet with counselor, as needed

·        Submit financial aid application (FAFSA cannot be filed before January 1,

·        Complete Mid-Year Request Form (no midyear grades will be sent without completing the form)

·        Continue to look for scholarships on Naviance, know the deadlines.

·        Look for information regarding Roosevelt Scholarships.


·        Remember to get university/college housing requests in as soon as possible

·        Check deadlines for financial aid applications and scholarships.

·        Meet with counselor if needed.

March- April

·        Colleges reply

·        If you are waitlisted as a school, be sure to see your counselor.

·        College visits (to make final decisions)

·        Meet with counselor, if needed, to discuss options

·        Thank the teacher(s) who wrote your college recommendation letters and let them know the results.


·        Students reply to colleges--May 1 is final reply date for most schools. (Make sure you return housing contracts and pay fees by deadline.)

·        Notify the other schools that you will not be attending

·        Final check with counselor

·        AP exams

·        Senior Survey

·        Arranges for final transcript to be sent to student's school of choice

·        Scholarship Awards