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Senior Health Career Student Claudia Rubis Mendoza

Claudia Rubis Mendoza is a senior at Roosevelt High School, and also is a student in the Health Career Program.  Claudia was willing to have an interview, and talk about her experiences in the Health Career Program, and the goals that she now wants to obtain as she transitions into graduation, and then into college.

Claudia plans to go to Gustavus Adolphus, and attend the four year nursing program to become a Pediatric Nurse.  So I asked her, "what motivated you to want to become a nurse?'  Claudia said, "I wanted to be in the medical field, but I didn't know what I wanted to be, so I researched it out and that's when I decided to be a Pediatric Nurse."  Claudia is even thinking about pursuing her master's degree after working Pediatrics' and than become a Nurse Practitioner.  I asked Claudia what she thought her greatest characteristic is that will help her in her chosen medical profession? Claudia said, "My personality, definitely!"  "I can basically talk to anybody." 

Claudia was willing to share some of her experiences while at Roosevelt High School, and I started off with a question about what she likes best about Roosevelt High School?  Claudia's response was, "The culture, definitely!  Not a lot of schools have that!"  I continued to ask her about the Health Careers Program, and what she likes the most about it?  Her response was, "The classes they offer, and that they offer different classes."  During her tenure at Roosevelt I asked Claudia what she thought has helped her in achieving the grades she wanted?  She says, "Teachers support."  Than I asked Claudia about what has kept her from getting the grades that she wanted?  Claudia responded, "Family distractions." 

After that I wanted to talk to Claudia about the future, and where she sees herself in five years?  Her statement was that she wanted to be graduating as a Pediatric Nurse from Gustavus Adolphus.  Than I asked Claudia about where she sees herself in ten years time?  Claudia said, "Working as a nurse, and starting a family."  I told her that those sound like good goals to me.  Finally for the last question I asked Claudia what advice she had for incoming students that are going into the Health Careers Program?  Claudia says, "Keep your grades up, definitely stay on top of your grades, and do your volunteer hours as soon as you can!"  I told her that I thought that was very good advice. 

Thanks for the interview Claudia and good luck as you pursue your nursing degree!