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Welcome To Small-Engine-Repair

  Small Engines

Instructor: Mr. Franks

Room: 182, Small Engines Classroom and Laboratory

Classroom Text: Small Engines: Roth



  • BE ON TIME: seated and in assigned seat when the bell rings
  • BE PREPARED: come to class with all required materials
  • DO YOUR BEST: always put forth your best effort; Never Give Up!!!
  • SAFETY FIRST: practice working safely in the lab at all times
  • RESPECT OTHERS: remember the “Golden Rule”


COURSE DESCRIPTION: (What topics are covered in this class?)

Small engine repair includes hands-on lab work, reading assignments, and written classroom exercises.  Students in this small engines class will learn principles of engine operation and construction, the differences between 2 and 4-stroke engines, carburetion, complete disassembly and reassembly of small gasoline engines, and mechanical components of an engine.  Reading from technical manuals (repair and service manuals) is an essential part of this course as is the ability to measure and perform mathematical calculations related to small engine mechanics.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: (What will I know after taking this course?)

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify components and pieces of a small engine
  • Measure engine components and tolerances
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot small engine problems
  • Identify key differences between 2 and 4-stroke engines.
  • Disassemble and then reassemble a small gas engine to working condition
  • Research and evaluate career opportunities in the small engine mechanics area


EVALUATION: (How will we be graded?)

Your final grade for the quarter and the semester will be based on a point total of all assigned coursework, quizzes, tests, lab exercises, projects, lab clean-up, and active participation in daily classroom and laboratory activities.


A         89 – 100 %

B          79 – 88%

C         69 – 78%

D         58 – 68%

F          0 – 57%

***5 Points will be awarded for each day of active participation in the classroom and the lab.  A total of 425 points is available for participation throughout the semester.  You will not receive your daily participation points if:

  • You are late to class (unexcused, without a pass)
  • You are absent from class (unexcused or excused). The reason for this is that you cannot receive “participation points” if you are not there to participate.
  • You choose not to participate in classroom activities (example: not doing your work in class, sleeping, disturbing the rest of the class, misbehaving in class, etc.)
  • You fail to comply with school rules (example: headphones, phones, hats, etc.)




It is expected that every student will be in class everyday and that they will be on time.  Students should be seated in their assigned seat prior to the scheduled start of the class.  Students who arrive late to class without a pass excusing the tardiness will lose their daily participation points.  All absences and tardies will be recorded.  After five unexcused tardies the student will be referred to their dean for disciplinary action and/or detention.  Excessive absences and/or tardiness will result in a lower grade for this course.



Bathroom needs should be taken care of before class whenever possible.  Students needing to leave the classroom during the period for any reason must have the permission of the teacher and are required to have a signed planner or pink pass.  The maximum number of passes per student is three (3) per quarter.  Remember, these passes are not entitlements; you do not automatically get three passes to use whenever you want.  They are for emergency use only.



·        A pencil and a notebook are required for this class. (pens may also be used)

·        Lying, cheating, thievery, abuse, and vandalism will not be tolerated.

·        Students may be removed permanently from this class if rules are not followed.



The safety of students and staff in a laboratory-based classroom is of great concern.  Therefore, all students and staff are required to wear safety glasses and follow all safety rules.  Any unsafe behavior or violations of safety rules will result in immediate removal from the classroom.  Entrance back into class will only be granted if students can prove that their unsafe behavior has been remedied.  In certain circumstances a student may be withdrawn from the class if they cannot follow laboratory safety rules.