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Bronwyn Collins, Mathematics


I have taught at Roosevelt High School since 2005.  I majored in mathematics at Grinnell College in Iowa.  I earned my master's degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Minnesota.  I have also completed a certificate in ELL in the Mainstream Classroom at Hamline University.  Before coming to Roosevelt, I taught 6th-8th grade math at Anne Sullivan Communication Center.  You can currently find me teaching Intermediate Algebra and IB SL Mathematics Year 2 in room 307. 

Intermediate Algebra topics include statistics, linear relationships, inequalities, exponential relationships, functions, transformations of functions, quadratic relationships and probability.  The course emphasizes being able to move between representations of functions such as graphs, tables, equations, academic language and context.  In this course, students will participate in hands on activities, work as a group, and complete individual work to help them learn algebra.  

IB Math SL Year 2 develops a student’s understanding of the concepts of calculus and provides experience with its methods and application. The course emphasizes a multi-representational approach to calculus with concepts, results, and problems being expressed graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. The connections among these representations are important. Students will also study binomial expansion and vectors.  Students will complete their Internal Assessment during thrid quarter and prepare for IB exams during 4th quarter.  

I believe students learn best by doing mathematics and try to provide a variety of  experiences in my classroom.  I hope that all students feel supported and challenged in my classroom.  I encourage students to ask questions, work together and participate in whole group discussions in order to deepen their mathematical understanding.

You can contact me at

Google Voice: 612-692-0104

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