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Welcome to the English Language Learner Department!
2012-13 RHS Graduation

The goal of the English Learner department is to build the academic language and content knowledge of our students so that they are able to successfully navigate secondary content classes and develop their skills so they are prepared for continuing their education or entering into a career after they graduate. 

ELLs at Roosevelt are served by licensed ESL teachers in Academic Language Development classes as well as collaboration and co-teaching between content teachers and ESL teachers.  In ALD classes students build their academic language skills to bridge the language and content gaps in their grade level content classes.  


The goals of ESL classes are that all students develop grade level academic language proficiency and acquire high school academic skills.  Courses are aligned with grade level content courses as well as filling in academic gaps that students may have.  There is a focus on high school academic skills as well; skills which will support students throughout high school and futher on to post secondary education opportunities.  


ESL teachers support EL students in content courses, focusing on science and social studies.  Our goals are informed by two sets of principles:

  1. English language development
  2. Meaningful access to grade-level learning

 ESL and content teachers collaborate to develop lessons that support and spur language development, build background knowledge and  increase opportunities for academic langauge production.



Teresa Kiedrowski teaches Academic Language Development for 11th and 12th graders, AVID 11 and co-teaches in 9th grade geography

Ina Zeigler teaches Academic Language Development for 10th graders and co-teaches in 10th grade US History

Megan Luken teaches Academic Language Development for students new to the US and co-teaches in 9th grade science

Antonia Dempsey co-teaches in English Language Arts 

Lisa Johnson Lead ESL teacher, co-teaches in Biology 2