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Roosevelt High School Foundation


What is the purpose of the Foundation?
The Roosevelt High Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization founded by concerned alumni, staff, and former staff to to help Roosevelt students. The Foundation does this in three ways:

  • Awarding scholarships to bright, needy grads who want to go to college;
  • Helping teachers and other staff members fund special projects to make their classes or activities better; and
  • Helping students and staff with extracurricular activities.

How has the Foundation helped Roosevelt students pay for college?
Over the past 15 years Roosevelt graduates have received almost a million dollars in scholarships either funded by or through the Foundation.  Some scholarships are funded by individual alumni, such as the Patti Bluml Timmons Scholarship or Gov. Jesse Ventura Scholarship.  Some are memorials to a specific person, such as the Beckwith Scholarship, funded by members of the Class of 1954, or the Sandy Ramberg Scholarship, provided by her friends and family.  Additionally, donors who designate that their donation of any size is for “scholarships” have their monies put into a large scholarship fund which provides about 10 graduates with help for college each year.  Roosevelt students also receive scholarships which students in other district schools receive, such as the Wallin Scholarships.

How has the Foundation helped the school?
Each fall the Foundation awards grants totaling over $25,000 to staff who cannot fund class activities with district budgets.  Additionally, in the recent past over $100,000 was provided for books and supplies, over $50,000 for an administrative student recruiting project, and $10,000 to help maintain the school website.

What are some grants which have been awarded?
Each year brings new requests for those who wish to try something new and challenging in their classes.  Here are examples of things the Foundation has funded: Lab kits for biology, booths for the Mosaic Arts Festival, software for the piano program, dirt and plants for the courtyard, money for school spirit week, computers and computer programs, printers, cameras for yearbook, iPads, substitute service for field trips, equipment for the gym, payment for Red Cross first aid courses for health classes, fees for visiting artists, supplies for art, musical instruments, choir robes, funding for newspaper, equipment and trips for athletic teams,  equipment for French Club, and scholarships for students unable to pay for school-related trips and field trips,

Where does the money come from?
Donations from our alums and friends of Roosevelt and from fundraisers such as the annual Pancake Breakfast held each April.  Go to the donation page on this website or to the website of the Foundation itself (].  You can either send a check to the Foundation at the school address (4029 28th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55406) or you can pay by Paypal.  On Sept. 27, 2013, the Foundation will hold the first annual alumni golf tournament, for alums and family and friends.  Hopefully this will also be an annual fundraiser.  Go to the Foundation website ( for information or to register online.

Who decides where the money goes?
The Board of Trustees determines the annual budget and awards the grants.  A school e scholarship committee with representatives from several curricular areas and headed by the counseling department determines scholarship winners.

How do I get on the foundation newsletter list? 

The foundation newsletter, Roosevelt TODAY, comes out in late March and in fall.  It contains news about reunions, current school news, and information about alums.  To get on the list send a request or a note to The Roosevelt Foundation, 4029 28th Ave., So., Minneapolis, MN 55406. 

Who can join the Foundation?
Anybody.  We have lots of fun!

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