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Hello, I'm Rodney Lossow!
Rodney Lossow--Physical Educator/DAPE Teacher
Rodney Lossow--Physical Educator/DAPE Teacher

I have been teaching at Roosevelt since the fall of 1997.  I have taught Regular Physical Education and Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE).  Currently I am teaching 50% of my time at Roosevelt, all DAPE.  My class lesson plans are geared toward helping my students accomplish their IEP Goals and Objectives.  I want my students to have fun as they enhance their physical fitness and Gross Motor Skills.


Standards for Physical Education Classes taught in the Minneapolis District can be found here:


Course Class Code
DAPE with Coach Lossow--Alpha 810-910 am 06zh3nj


If you need to contact me, you email me at





























































































































































































































































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