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Randall Naughton, Geometry & RISE Math

About Me

My name is Randy Naughton and I teach Geometry and RISE Math, part of our new School Within-a-School Program.  I am also a member of our school’s Instructional Leadership Team. I have taught for 19 years and this will be my 15th year at Roosevelt High School. The staff at Roosevelt inspires all students to achieve their full human potential.  We strive to build students who are confident, competent communicators, skillful in problem solving, capable of creative thinking; who have a career motivation and a knowledge of our global and multicultural society.  Roosevelt is a great school and I am looking forward to another wonderful year.

I earned my teaching degree from San Francisco State University and my undergraduate from the University of Minnesota.  I received my Masters in Teaching and Learning from St. Mary’s University and recently earned a K-12 principals license, also from St. Mary’s University.   Before coming to Roosevelt, I spent the first two years of my teaching career in Nagano, Japan as an English teacher and then three years as a Japanese teacher in California.  

I have been married to my lovely wife, Apiradee, for ten years and we have two beautiful children, Nischa (8) and Leo (4).  I love everything outdoors, especially boating, water-skiing, fishing and relaxing around the lakes.  I grew up playing baseball and hockey, which I still play Monday nights in the winter and spring.  We also love to Travel and this past summer we spent five weeks in Thailand visiting family and one week in Japan visiting old friends from my days living in Japan over 20 years ago.

I love math, but I understand that many students enter my classroom with a not-so-favorable view of math.  I know it can be a challenging subject for many students.  My goal for every student who enters my class is that they become better problem solvers.  Even if they don't learn every math concept, the ability to analyze and solve problems will carry with them throughout their lives.  So when I'm asked, "When am I ever going to use this?”, my answer is, "We're learning problem solving and you will use that for the rest of your life!"

I am looking forward to a great year with an awesome group of students!  Again, I welcome all of you, especially those of you who are new to our district. I know we are going to have a great year!

You can reach me at: