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Recycling Program

Teddies’ Recycling is a program at Roosevelt High School that is currently run as a job experience for our special education students in the Autism, DCD, and Life Skills programs. Our students recycle many different materials including paper, aluminum and other scrap metals, and electronics. Currently the majority of our time is spent recycling computers into their component parts, separating those parts further into their salvageable components, and then selling those components to recyclers for cash.

We are running low on the computer central processing units, computer power units and cords that our students recycle.  Our students and staff will pick up recyclable components from sites in the Twin Cities area, and deliver them to our program.

Below is a list of materials that we are able to pick up for recycling. If you have any of these materials available at your location, know of locations that have these types of materials available for pick up, or if staff at your location have items in their home that they would like to bring in for pick up, please let us know.

Teddies Recycling will take any of the following recyclable items.
Please call 612-668-4800, room 142 to schedule a pick up.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Disk Drives (Hard, CD ROM/DVD RW, and Floppy Disk Drives)
Green boards, logic boards, memory boards
*We are unable to take or process monitors of any type due to the hazardous materials they contain. We are unable to take keyboards due to fees charged for their disposal.

Other Electronics / Mechanical Items
DVD Players
Overhead Projectors
Older Sewing Machines
Other Small Electric Appliances
Other Small Electronic Devices
Extension Cords
Power Strips
Holiday Lights
Any Other Power Cords

Aluminum Cans
Removed Plumbing Materials (e.g. faucets)
Other Metal Construction Materials (e.g. from building renovations: aluminum, steel, brass, copper, etc.)

Any Newspapers
*We are unable to take the shiny paper inserts.

Feel free to call me or other recycling staff with any questions you may have at Roosevelt High School, 612-668-4800, room 142.

Rhonda Rademacher
Educational Support Professional
Roosevelt High School