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Interested in becoming a Teddy?    CLICK HERE to start the process at the district level. 

If the student resides in South Minneapolis, and/or they are non-English speakers, they will begin by going to the New Families center 3345 Chicago Ave So. 612-668-3700.


If they are English speakers and they reside on the North side they will go the Student Placement Center at 1250 West Broadway 612-668-1840.


They will be placed at a school through these offices. After placement they can call the school they’ll be attending for an appointment to register with them.


Ideally, the student would have told their current school that they are leaving and have formally withdrawn.


The parent should be with the student if they are under 18. We will need:

  • Birth certificate, passport, or I-94 card. 
  • Transcript
  • Testing scores
  • Health & immunization records
  • Attendance
  • Special Ed records if applicable
  • Discipline records if applicable
  • Withdrawal grades if it was close to the end of the grading period.


Once they come to the school the registration process can take from 1 to 2 hours. They will fill out many papers, talk to a counselor and build a schedule. It is important that the counselor knows what classes they successfully completed when making their schedule.


They will meet with the nurse, social worker, attendance, etc.,


They will get a student ID card and a bus card if they are eligible. We do not have school buses as all high schools currently use the public transportation system. Roosevelt is served by bus and light rail train.


We hope these details will help your student make a smooth transfer in a new place.