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Check and Connect

What does Check & Connect do?

Our engagement and academic support seeks to form the basis for a trusted bond between the student and the larger MPS community. Check & Connect works on behalf of the student as a mentor, tutor, problem-solver, listener, and case advocate.

  • Check & Connect offers supplemental support to 9th & 10th graders!

Check & Connect seeks to build relationships with students primarily struggling with attendance and staying on track to graduate.
Data can only tell us so much about a student so Check & Connect always welcomes personal recommendations from any Roosevelt staff for high needs students

  • Key Features

Prevention: Focus on at-risk students and factors that can be altered through support and intervention.
Capacity building: Instruct, support and encourage students in pursuit of academic goals.
Advocacy: Coordinate students' access to established resources within the school, at home and in the community.
Outreach: Structured to create long-term and trusted relationships to help students feel like they are part of the school community.

  • What You Might Find Us Doing

Monitoring grades, credits and attendance regularly.
Offering academic support including but not limited to: checking-in with students before and after classes, sitting in on classes to offer academic support, and tutoring.

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