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College Possible

College Possible is an after-school college access and success program for Juniors and Seniors at Roosevelt High School.

Program Highlights: Students are guided through all of the key aspects of preparing for college during after-school sessions for two hours twice a week.  College Possible high school graduates are supported through the transition of college all the way through college graduation. The junior curriculum orients students to the college application process, provides extensive ACT preparation, introduces students to college life through campus tours and allows time to apply for summer enrichment opportunities. The senior curriculum leads students through the college application process, assists students in applying for financial aid and scholarships and guides students through the transition to college.

Eligibility Requirements: Students apply for College Possible during their sophomore year of high school.  Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, meet income requirements, have a desire to attend a 4-year college/university.  There are no citizenship requirements.

Find out more about their program at their Roosevelt page HERE or at their website