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*  When should I take my SAT II tests?  These tests should be taken immediately following the conclusion of the class. 

*  Which test should I take--ACT or SAT?  Colleges will accept either and perfer scores from whichever test you perform better on.  Look into the requirements of the schools that interest you, and look over the differences between the tests to see if there is one test you believe you would score at a higher level.  Students should consider taking both in the spring of their junior year.  Or comparing estimated ACT scores from the PLAN test in 10th grade and estimated SAT scores from the PSAT in 10th or 11th grade. Once students know which test is a better fit for them, they may want to do additional preparation to increase their score even more and then retake the test.

*  When should I take the ACT?  We recommend that students take their first ACT in the spring (April) of their junior year.  ACT reports that, historically, students score the highest on this test administration because students generally have covered the necessary information in their classes by this point.  It also gives students enough time to determine if they need to test again either in June or in early October.  Keep in mind that college application deadlines come quickly in the fall of a student’s senior year, and colleges will need these scores to consider your application complete.  

When should I take the SAT?  Like the ACT, we recommend that students take their first SAT in the spring (March) of their junior year.  This will allow students enough time to practice and then retake the SAT before the college deadlines arrive. 

*  When should I take the PSAT?  In order to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarships, juniors must take the PSAT in the fall of their junior year.  Sophomores can take it if they would like to have a preview into what to expect on the SAT.

*  When should I take placement tests for community colleges?  Anytime during your senior year, but probably best in the beginning of 2nd semester. Some community colleges will exempt students from all or parts of their placement tests if the student has scored at certain levels on ACT subject area tests. 

*  Can I choose to send my best scores to colleges?  ACT & SAT are two different companies; therefore, you will need to contact each company individually with any requests to send additional score reports. When you register for either the ACT or SAT, you can choose to send your scores directly to colleges.  Some students prefer to wait until they have received their scores to determine if they want to send their scores to colleges.  ACT & SAT handle additional score requests differently:

-ACT: ACT will forward to colleges all of your subscores from the test date that you request.  If you want your colleges to receive scores from more than one test date, you need to make additional requests. 

–SAT: SAT will forward ALL of your scores from ALL of your SAT I & SAT II tests to the colleges that you have selected.

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