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Go-To Card Program

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and Metro Transit are partnering to offer Go-To Cards to eligible MPS high school students. Transportation eligible high school students who attend Roosevelt, Washburn, Henry, Wellstone, Edison, North and Expanded Options program may ride city buses and/or light rail to be transported to and from school; the program will replace yellow buses provided by MPS to high school students.


Metro Transit Go-To Cards will be phased in over two-years, beginning in the fall of 2012:


·         Phase one of the two-year program launches in the fall of 2012 and students in grades 9 -12 with eligible students from the following high schools: Roosevelt, Washburn, Henry, Wellstone, Edison, North and Expanded Options program students.


·         Students who receive special education services will continue to receive individualized transportation if needed.


·         All eligible high school students will receive Metro Transit Go-To Cards.



The Main Reasons for Spreading the Implementation over 2 Years:

·         Since the Go-To Cards are a real asset to students, the advantage of receiving cards first went to those schools which wish to win back the students who have left and which have space to receive more students.


·         The budget is in place for half of the program in year one and the remaining funds will be identified in the 2013-2014 budget for phase 2.


  • Since the capacity of the staff in the program is able to accommodate starting with one-half of all high school students in the District in this program each year, South and Southwest Highs are scheduled to join the program in year.


  • The Go-To Card program benefits students by offering scheduling flexibility and access to the wide variety of learning opportunities at school and within the greater community (i.e. academic programs, athletics and other activities beyond the school day).


  • A pilot program conducted from 2009-12 involving over 2,000 students has already shown improvements in high school student attendance and retention, a major academic focus of Superintendent Johnson.


  • The MPS Office of Safety, Security and Emergency Management, Metro Transit Police and the Minneapolis Police Department have been working collaboratively to ensure that students’ safety is a priority, both at Metro Transit stops and in transit.


  • Additionally, the Downtown Improvement District, the Minneapolis Youth Congress, and the City of Minneapolis are among jurisdictional partners all working together to support, transport and protect our high school students.


  • The program will allow for an additional 690 high school students who receive free and reduced priced meals and currently live within the two mile walk zone to receive public transportation to and from school. A significant number of these students live in areas where families have expressed concern about their student walking to school.


  • The expanded ridership of MPS high school students on Metro Transit will allow both organizations to leverage expenses and minimize operational annually increasing costs.


  • Parents of 8th graders going to high school using Go To Cards next fall who have attended a Check and Connect Go To Card information session, can receive a Metro Transit one-day guest pass to ride along with their student in a summer practice ride.


  • Students and families who wish to qualify for a Go To Card by completing a free and reduced lunch eligibility form need to be sure to complete and submit the form to the District but do not need to enter a Social Security number to be eligible.


  • The Go-To Cards will be an invaluable asset to the stability of high schools students who happen to be homeless and highly mobile by allowing each to travel to school and elsewhere regardless of home location.