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Health Office Guidelines for Parents



                                        From the desk of Liz Payton, R.N., Licensed School Nurse                                                              


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Welcome to Roosevelt High School!  The Health Office is available to students during each school day.   I’d like to take this opportunity to review some of the Health Office procedures.


            Emergency Referral Cards:  It is extremely important that we have up to date emergency contacts for your child (including parent/guardian current address, work, home, and cell phones; names and telephone numbers of close relative(s) and/or friend; and the name of your child’s clinic and hospital of choice).   Please fill out the Emergency Referral Card at the beginning of the school year and have your child return it to their seminar teacher.  Only parent/guardian or emergency contacts listed on record have the authority to release a student.    If any of the information changes during the school year, it is very important to give those changes to the school.

*If no hospital is designated, your child will be sent to Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) in the event of an   



            Annual Health Information: Please complete the “Annual Health Information” form (front and back) and have your child return it to their seminar teacher.   Up to date health information is very important to your child’s care and safety while at school.   If your child has any special health concerns, or there is a significant change that may impact him/her at school, please call the Health Office.

            It is recommended that students entering 9th grade have a physical examination by a doctor.   If your child does have a physical exam during the school year, please provide a copy for the Health Office to include in their school health record.


            Medications: Health Related Services recommends that medications be given at home whenever possible.   However, if it is absolutely necessary for your child to receive medications while at school, a consent form must be completed by a doctor and signed by a parent/guardian.   This requirement applies to all medications – prescription and over the counter (such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.).   No medications will be given at school without a doctor’s order.   Students are not allowed to carry medications with them without a doctor’s order.  All medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the Health Office.

            *New consents are required for each school year (no carry over is allowed from year to year).


            Immunizations: Your child must have up to date immunizations on file in order to start school.   If you are unsure of your child’s immunization compliance, please call your family doctor or the Minneapolis Public School’s “Hot Shot Line” at 612-668-0870.   Students who have medical reasons for not being immunized must have the physician sign a form available from the Health Office.   Those students with a conscientious objection must have a notarized form on file.   There will be no exceptions to this state law.


            Excuses for medical and/or dental appointments: Whenever possible, please schedule appointments during non school hours.   All excuses for medical and dental appointments are to be made through the attendance office, Room 101.  A written note (no phone calls please) must be taken to the attendance office before the end of the second period in order to assure dismissal from school.   The note must be written by a parent/guardian unless the student is over the age of 18.   To release a student without a note, the Health Office will need to validate the appointment with the parent or clinic.

Forged notes can result in a three-day suspension.  


            Illness during the school day: Students who become ill or injured during school hours should report to the Health Office for evaluation.   Calls or texting parents outside the Health Office is not acceptable.  Parent/guardian/or emergency contact will be called if early dismissal is warranted, another reason to keep the Emergency Referral Card up to date.


            Absence due to illness: Healthy students are better learners. Up to eight cumulative days of absences or three (3) consecutive days will be excused as student illness per academic year.   A health care provider’s verification is required for absences that exceed eight cumulative or three consecutive days due to illness.   If the parent/guardian does not have a health care provider or is unable to pay their co-pay, they should be referred to the School Nurse for assistance.


Again, if your child has any special health concerns or significant changes, please call the Health Office at 612-668-4831 or stop by Room 102 anytime.  Please keep those Emergency Referral Cards up to date.   The information is crucial.   Let’s work together to assure your child a healthy and safe school year!     Please keep this letter for future reference.




Liz Payton, R.N., L.S.N.