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Health Office Guidelines for Teachers
“Healthy Students Are Better Learners.”
  • The goal of the Health Office is to maintain a safe, confidential and respectful environment for all students.   We agree that attendance is crucial to school success, and we work to return students to class as soon as possible, as appropriate.
  • Staff are asked to use careful discretion in sending students to the Health Office and restrict passes to those who have a true health need (call with any questions: 48131 or 48212)
- Students who need daily access to the Health Office for medications, treatments, etc. will be given a
   note from the School Nurse, or teachers will be contacted directly.
- Small first aid bags (band aids, alcohol swabs, pins, gloves and safety pins) are available and should  
   be in each classroom to help avoid trips for a simple band aid.
**Please avoid sending students to the Health Office during 7th hour, except in an emergency.
  • Students must have a written pass to access the Health Office, except in the case of an emergency.  
      Students without a written pass will be sent back to class to obtain one.
            - This includes passing time between classes and lunch.
  • Students will sign in as they enter the Health Office and take their turn in being seen, except in the    
      case of an emergency.
  • The Health Office is unable, by law, to dispense medication of any kind (including over the   
counter medication such as Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen) without a doctor’s order, a parent/guardian’s signature, and a supply of the medication provided by the student’s family. 
-          Cough drops are not available in the Health Office.
-          Medication for staff (such as Tylenol, etc.) is not available in the Health Office.
  • Ice packs will be given out for new injuries only or per a doctor’s order or per the discretion of the School Nurse.
  • Excuses for medical and dental appointments are to be cleared through the attendance office, Room 101.    A written note from a parent/guardian (dated, signed, and with a telephone number) must be taken to the attendance office in the morning before 10:30 a.m.
-          If the student fails to bring a note to attendance within the time line, the student will need to see his/her Associate Principal in order to be excused.
Liz Payton RN – Licensed School Nurse