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Señora Lydia Hinojosa, Spanish Teacher
L. Hinojosa
 Hinojosa  has worked in education for over 15 years.  Prior to that she worked in financial services and built a business.  She is fluent in both English and Spanish.  

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She is a graduate of Chicago State University and has worked in both in the Chicago Public Schools and the Minneapolis Public Schools.  During that time, she has taught Spanish, Spanish for Spanish Speakers, English, ESL, Transitional English, Social Studies and Remedial Math.  

Her philosophy is all children can learn.  She looks for win-win situations to help create opportunity for young people.  Youth should have a quality education and be able to pursue their interests.    

Communication and Relationships are the key to education. To help students, educators should guide them toward involvment in a process of action and interaction toward their desired goal. 

Room 347
Spanish !
I.B. Spanish SL Year I 
I.B. Spansih SL Year II


PDF IB Language B; SL Year I   --  First year I.B. Spanish Class
PDF Spanish I   --  First level Spanish course
PDF IB SL Year II - Spanish   --  I.B. course for students taking the I.B. exam.