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Lydia Hinojosa, Spanish Teacher

About Me:

  • Welcome!  I’m originally from Chicago.  I started out in financial services, taught high school for 11 years and had my own business.  In 2007 I moved to Minnesota.  Aside from teaching there are times when I help organizations/businesses with cultural and/or education related projects. 


  • As an educator, I have taught, English, ELL, Transitional English, Spanish I & II, Spanish I & II, IB, Marketing, Personal Finance, Social Studies, Math, and Remedial Math. In two different schools I helped to create Heritage programs for Spanish speaking students. 


  • It is my belief, that the education of my students’ is just as important as that of my own children.  All students should learn, aside from their core classes, logic, reasoning, academic skills, people skills, and most of all respect for themselves and other people and cultures. 


  • My teaching degree is from Chicago State University


Languages I know:

  • English
  • Spanish


Things I enjoy:

  • Spending time with my family
  • Logic games, reading, biking and movies
  • Finding everyday examples that tie into my teaching


Classes I’m teaching:

  • Heritage Spanish levels 1, and 2
  • IB Spanish SLI and SLII
  • 9th grad Spanish Immersion

does this fire?!