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This year Roosevelt sent an amazing 9 projects to State History Day and REPRESENTED! Spoiler alert: Roosevelt is sending TWO projects to the National Competition and is the only MPS school sending projects this year.   The annual theme was "Communication, the key to understanding"

The following projects were recognized at State this weekend:

  • Bela Santan for “Articles 370 and 35A: Miscommunication, Misperception and Misunderstanding of Autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir” - and individual exhibit board and the Roosevelt Teacher's Choice winner 
  • Regan Wright and Izzy Sillers for “The White Rose: Defying Oppressors Through Communication” - a group performance and the Roosevelt Teacher's Choice Winner 
  • Libby Bures for “Riveting History” - an individual documentary - topical prize winner for Labor History 
  • Maria Lee for “The Children’s March of 1963: The Eye-Opening March that Desegregated The Most Segregated Place in America” - an individual website and coming in THIRD IN STATE and a Nationals alternate!
  • Ruby Clementson for “Sunday Bloody Sunday: Communicating Through Reports, Retaliations and Justice - an individual Exhibit board - coming in FIRST IN STATE AND GOING TO NATIONALS! 
  • Cai Hallstrom and Sydney McGrath for “The Fireside Chats: An Unprecedented Approach to Communication” a group performance - coming in FIRST IN STATE AND GOING TO NATIONALS!