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Applications and Interpretations

Welcome to Applications and Interpretations!  In this class we will study a wide range of topics in mathematics ranging from Algebra to Calculus.  We will also be completing an independant math project, called an Internal Assessment (IA).  The IA can be about anything that interests you!  Although it's not due until mid year, it's never too early to start thinking about a mathematical question that you may want to investigate.

The course makes extensive use of technology to allow students to explore and construct mathematical models. Mathematics applications and interpretation will develop mathematical thinking, often in the context of a practical prolem and using technology to justiry conjectures.



On line calculators to use with Statistics
Desmos can graph functions and points. It will also do most of the 1-Var STATS functions:
**This is a site that shows what you can do with statistics.**
document IA Tax Practice   --  This is the third of three assignments that need to be completed before starting the IA.