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College & Military Rep Visits

This is our process and protocol for College, Apprenticship, Career and Military Recruiters at Roosevelt:

1. College, Apprenticeship and Military Recruiters who wish to meet with small groups of students for recruitment purposes are to contact the Roosevelt High School College and Career Center to schedule an appointment to do so. These institutions will be permitted twice-yearly meetings for this purpose. These meetings will be scheduled on days/times that don’t interfere with other scheduled events that may conflict for the student population of interest. These meetings will take place in the College and Career Center during school hours.

2. Colleges and military recruiters who wish to meet with students on an individual basis will be asked to do so outside of school hours, so that students do not miss instructional time for this purpose. If a college or alumni representative, or military recruiter wants to meet with a student on the high school campus, they will be asked to arrange in advance the time to meet in the College and Career Center for this purpose. The College and Career Center encourages these meetings, and college admissions interviews, and wants to make sure that they do not conflict with other activity in the CCC.

3. Students who wish to share school information and documents (transcripts, ACT/SAT test scores, attendance, etc) with colleges, jobs, internships, military, scholarships or others will need to request these records from their counselor. It is the responsibility of the the student to collect these documents and send them through the proper school-based channels. At no point should the recruiting institution see it as their responsibility.

In the case of transcripts and test scores for college admission applications, students will be required to complete a FERPA form, signed by a parent (unless the student is 18 years of age or older) and submitted to the counseling office. No school records will be provided without this signed form. Counselors send transcripts and letters of recommendation to colleges via Naviance. Naviance does not have the capacity to send transcripts to non-college entities/institutions.

4. Students who wish to obtain their school information and documents (transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, etc) for scholarships, military recruiters, PSEO, job applications or other uses will be required to request these records from their counselor. The counselor will provide these records directly to the student (if official, in a sealed envelope) for the student to deliver to the intended institution. Documents will not be provided to any entity or institution without a signed FERPA form from the student, and without a request from the student to do so.

5. Students, families, college and military recruiters will be informed of the process and protocol at Roosevelt High School annually, so they are aware of our expectations. Others who may contact our school throughout the year will be guided through this process as needed.

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