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Elizabeth Lehtola

My name is Liz Lehtola.  I studied mathematics at Tufts University in Massachusetts, and earned my Masters in Education at the University of Minnesota. At Roosevelt High School, I teach Intermediate Algebra and Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics.

In Intermediate Algebra, students will learn about statistics, linear equations and inequalities, functions and transformations, exponential models, quadratics, and probability. Throughout the course, we will analyze functions of many different types and get lots of practice with graphing. 

AP Statistics is the equivalent of a one semester, introductory college statistics course. In this course, students will develop strategies for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. This class will prepare students for the AP Statistics Exam. By doing well on the AP Exam, students may receive college credit, advanced placement, or both. 

Course Websites: Both courses will use Google Classroom websites. Please check with me for the class codes to login. 

Contact info:

Email: or via Parent Portal

In-building extension: x48319

Voicemail: 612-692-1526