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Nicole Lundheim, AVID Room 303

Welcome and greetings to all, 

 The purpose of this site is to give students, family, and friends a quick idea of who I am, how to get a hold of me, what classes I will be teaching this school year "2021/2022", and a central place to hold the syllabi for my 5 classes.

• Who am I? My full name is Nicole Lundheim, but students can call me Ms. Nicole. This will be my 3rd year at Roosevelt, and I am so happy to be a part of this amazing and eclectic team of hard-working staff and students!

• I have two daughters who are 10 years old and I love getting into adventures with them. The picture I included here is of an adventure we had two summers ago where we took five days to drive to Seattle, to visit my sister and niece where we hung out for a week, then took 5 days to make our way home. While getting to Seattle and coming home, the total of 10 days, we camped each night at different parks in 5 different states. That was an adventure! During the entire trip there were only 2 days that we didn't swim.

• This will be my second year teaching AVID and my first year teaching CPAS. I feel excited to grow together academically as we move through the school year together. I will be intentional about my pace and expectations so that it can feel like a smooth transition from last year's many academic interruptions.

My philosophy's on life: 

  • Always try your best, always see mistakes as a needed tool for future success.
  • Be true to yourself and kind to others.
  • LEAD yourself and others through the hours, days, weeks, months of the years... with love, compassion, and empathy; the world is a challenging place, be the light not the dark.

• Feel free to contact me:

 By email:

 By phone: 612-888-3773