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Nicole Lundheim, AVID

Welcome and greetings to all, 

 The purpose of this site is to give students, family, and friends a quick idea of who I am, how to get a hold of me, what classes I will be teaching this school year "2020/2021", and a central place to hold the syllabi for my three classes.


• Who am I? My full name is Nicole Lundheim, but students can call me Ms. Nicole. This will be my second year at Roosevelt, and I am so happy to be a part of this amazing and eclectic team of hard-working staff and students!


• I have two daughters who are 10 years old and I love getting into adventures with them. The picture I included here is of an adventure we had this summer where we took five days to drive to Seattle, to visit my sister and niece where we hung out for a week, then took 5 days to make our way home. While getting to Seattle and coming home, the total of 10 days, we camped each night at different parks in 5 different states. That was an adventure! During the entire trip there were only 2 days that we didn't swim.


• This will be my first year teaching AVID and I have been doing a lot of prep work to get things together. I feel excited to be trying something new in a time when so much around us and how we live is also new. 


My philosophy's on life: 

  • Always try your best, always see mistakes as a needed tool for future success.
  • Be true to yourself and kind to others.
  • LEAD yourself and others through the hours, days, weeks, months of the years... with love, compassion, and empathy; the world is a challenging place, be the light not the dark.


• Feel free to contact me:

 By email:

 By phone: 612-888-3773