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The 10th Grade RHS Personal project has been launched!

The Personal Project is a passion project that is completed by IB students around the world during their 10th grade year. Students are invited to explore, create, make, pursue an interest or passion they’ve always wanted to, or maybe to dive deeper into something they’ve already begun.

Examples include: organizing a march, learning photography or drawing style, creating a YouTube or Instagram account, writing a novel or poetry book or children’s book, learning to cook or play an instrument, improving your organizational skills, creating protest art, working with a community organization or fundraiser, making a video to spread awareness about a social issue, etc.


The sky is the limit with the RHS personal project! Please have students go to our PP Google Classroom and look through the Student Guidebook (click here for a downloadable copy) which has step-by-step directions, tips, resources, and journal prompts. Examples of projects and other resources can also be found on the Google Classroom.


You can also watch the Launch video here, which is what students watched during advisory on Friday, 10/2.


Look for more updates, chances to win prizes, get help, etc. throughout the Fall and Winter via social media, Community Standard, and the Google Classroom.


Have questions or want to mentor or volunteer your services? Contact Marika Belusa, MYP Coordinator at