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Interview Essay

This quarter you will write a Personal Interview Research Essay. The essay will be about one of your classmates. Follow these steps to write your interview questions, conduct your inverview, and write your paper.

What claim can you make about a classmate?

Please write your essay in Google Docs, and share them with me (


1) Write Questions & Conduct Interviews

Requires coming up with 3 categories of interview questions, writing questions, and interviewing someone

(this step is before you begin writing the essay)

2) Write a Thesis Statement & Topic Sentences

Requires writing 1 thesis statement sentence and 3 related topic sentences

(requires writing 4 sentences total)

3) Write Body Paragraphs, TEXAS style

Requires writing 4 sentences after each topic sentence from Step 2

(requires adding 12 sentences total)

4) Add Chicago Style Citations

Requires adding 1 citation to that part of each body paragraph that uses information from your interview

(requires adding 3 "sentences" total)

5) Add a Hook

Requires adding one or more sentences before your thesis statement, only in your Introduction Paragraph

(Requires adding at least 1 sentence total)

6) Connect your Hook to your Thesis

Requires adding two or more sentences in your Introduction Paragraph, between your Hook and your Thesis 

(requires adding at least 2 sentences total)

7) Add a Conclusion

Requires adding a 5 sentence Conclusion Paragraph

(requires adding 5 sentences total)

8) Grading Rubric

Grade yourself, have another student grade you, then turn in your essay to Mr. Abbott

(this step is after you finish writing the essay)